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Another TOS update


Crystal Dragon:
We've just completed another minor TOS update.  The key change in this revision is the addition of specific language prohibiting negative posts regarding any religion.

As always, we encourage all members to review the TOS periodically and this would be a good time to do so.  ;)

Eternal Seeker:

Wise move- you have my complete support


Crystal Dragon:
Actually, it's a little sad to feel there's a need to add it ... but there are too many people now-a-days who feel entitled to behave as they please, regardless of whom they injure.

Crystal Dragon:
Whoops ... I was reviewing some threads and realized that we'd forgotten to add a section to the TOS last year.

Section 17 has also been added.  This won't affect any members who have any posts, it's just a note that we may occasionally remove accounts where members have never logged into the forums.  ;)

Changes are welcome.  :whistle:


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