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TOS Update


Crystal Dragon:
Please note that we've updated the TOS.

Most of the updates are minor (typos, punctuation, etc) but we did expand the section on copyrighted material to be more specific (and hopefully more clear).

Nothing has been added or deleted but all members are encouraged to review the TOS when they have a few minutes.  ;)

Crystal Dragon:
TOS has had a few additional tweaks made today. 

Nothing major and the only additions are references to YouTube links (see 4.4) and bullying (see 2.2.2)

I also clarified the paragraph under reporting violations regarding working things out with others.  Specifically, we don't want someone to feel they need to deal with another member who is engaging in bullying or harassment.

As always, it's a good idea to review the TOS periodically and I'm taking this opportunity to encourage members to do so now.  ;)


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